The urgency of the hour calls upon us to stand together for change. As woman it comes natural for us to nurture, nourish, organize and create, but we are so much more than that! Woman are warriors, woman are fierce in the face of adversary and injustice. When woman understand how God has empowered them, they can become a force of feminine strength against the evil that threatens them and those they love.

There is a clear agenda of evil against woman all over the world in many different shapes and forms. Gendercide, human trafficking, rape, sexual harassment, pornography, domestic violence to mention but a few. We need to ask ourselves: “What is it about us, that is so terrifying that the enemy is trying to destroy us?” Instead of saying we are victims, we need to be saying that we are a threat. Woman today are a threat. We are a threat because of the unique and most intricate way we have been put together. We are strong, determined, resilient, hardworking, independent and capable. When you put all these marvelous abilities and qualities together, you find a threatening force to be reckoned with. We need to rise up against social injustice, and take a stand unified in prayer, fighting and speaking up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

The most powerful weapon we as woman have is prayer. Prayer is powerful and has the ability to search and destroy any sign of wickedness. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says” If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Let us rebuild South Africa on our knees and firmly establish our country in righteousness through prayer.

Women’s Month is a tribute not only to the thousands of women who marched on that day in 1956, but also a tribute to the pioneers of the women’s movement in this country, when women like Charlotte Maxeke led the way in establishing the ANC Women’s League and encouraging women to engage in the struggle for freedom. These woman stood for social justice and transformation. These women challenged the status quo and relentlessly continue to fight for change. There is power when woman unite. We as woman have the power to challenge and fight through our voice, our faith and through united prayer.

The ANC was established by the outcries of a nation praying and petitioning change. Through prayer and peaceful protests, the struggle against the unjust system of apartheid was overcome by church leaders such as, among others, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Rev. Dr Beyers Naude, Dr Allan Boesak, Rev. Frank Chikane and Dr Brigilia Bam who were influential in challenging and exposing the evils of apartheid in all its manifestations. This democracy was birthed through sacrifices of prayer. With the immense challenges we are facing as a nation, we can no longer stand back and do nothing, we can no longer silence the church. The need is great and we need healing and restoration as a nation like never before. Our people need the guidance and nourishment of the spoken word. Church is a place to find meaning in hardship to make sense of the desolation around us. The church is a beacon of hope and is crucial during times of panic and fear. When you take the church of Jesus Christ out of the equation, evil and darkness will prevail and people find themselves lost, misguided and without hope.

During the past year facing this Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen rape and gender-based violence statistics go through the roof, suicide, child molestation cases and teenage pregnancy rates increased exponentially. People are helpless and broken and are in dire need of salvation. The church needs to be allowed to take its rightful place in order to bring hope and restoration. We need to take the enemy head-on and not stand back as woman in fighting for what is right. The Church of Jesus Christ can no longer be muzzled, but needs to operate and function in order to appeal to people’s moral conscience.

According to the official site of IWD, this year’s Woman’s Day theme is #ChooseToChallenge. “A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let's all choose to challenge,” says the synopsis on the website. There has never been a more significant time to stand for change than now. Let us not allow the enemy to diminish us into thinking that we’re too insignificant and small to make an impact. Let’s stop praying safe, small prayers. Let’s believe bigger, and stretch our prayers beyond our own struggles and lives. Let’s unite to trust for the seemingly impossible dream of a South Africa that is safe for our woman and children. Let’s believe for a country united, with a thriving economy overflowing with opportunities for all.

Woman of faith! Yes, we are indeed a threat! Let us stand up as those who fought for our freedom did. Let us fight for a better future and a proud heritage for our sons and daughters. We need to be part of the solution our country so desperately needs. Together we will prevail against the injustices of our times.


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