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The PBF is a programme of the ANC, under the authority of the ANC Treasurer-General, Cde Paul Mashatile and is mandated to promote and enhance liaison between Government, the ANC and Business. (www.pbf.org.za ) 

In June 2020 on instruction of the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC), its Economic Transformation Subcommittee, under leadership of Cde Enoch Godongwana, has drafted an Economic Recovery Plan designed to stimulate the South African economy post Covid-19.  The draft Economic Recovery Plan identifies key sectors of the economy requiring attention and proposing interventions to stimulate and add impetus to these sectors. https://bit.ly/39d1jES ).

These Plans then make up the building blokes of the ANC Manifesto , that then through ANC deployees to Government find life in Government Policies and frameworks.

The PBF has been mandated to facilitate inputs into this Draft Economic Recovery Plan and to this end, we have embarked upon a series of webinars to promote and stimulate discussion around the plan. These inputs and others will be discussed openly within this webinar through the channels of the established Business Bodies of BUSA (Business Unity South Africa) and BBC (Black Business Council)

A platform will also be opened to businesses directly.

Be part of Building Policy to forge a stronger South Africa.

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