The month of May was again a busy one as the PBF strives according to its mandate, to provide a platform and opportunities for subscribing businesses to engage.

Previously we reported on the virtual event –“The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)  - Opportunities for SA Business”. Subscribers will recall that that engagement was a great success, inspiring our subscribers to become actively involved in the AfCFTA which seeks to  establish a single market for goods and services, which stand to  strengthen trade and inter-African investment.

Hardly had the AfCFTA event concluded,  when subscribers had opportunity to participate in a PBF-facilitated  virtual business dialogue on 29 April with the China Economic Cooperation Centre (CECC) and the Foreign Office of Fujian Province, China .

At that event, the South African keynote speaker was Deputy Minister of Finance, Dr David Masondo, who spoke powerfully of the role of Africa and of South Africa, in the global economy and of the significant benefits to be derived from expanding and enhancing business opportunities with China, to the good of both countries.

The Convenor of the Progressive Business Forum, chaired the second half of that business dialogue which saw Chinese business representatives and their South African counterparts, share the nature of their enterprises and serving as a reminder and an encouragement to all participants, that there are opportunities for business engagement to the benefit of both countries.

In recognition of modern communication technologies as a vital medium of two-way engagement with South Africans, and being responsive to that call as recognized among the Resolutions of the ANC’s 54th National Conference, the PBF hosted a special live event in Johannesburg on 13 May to unveil its on-line portal and merchandising App. The portal and the App streamlines, speeds up and facilitates  channels of communication with the PBF and in so doing maximizes opportunities to improve and deliver services and ultimately benefit business, both SMME’s  and corporates.

Our Treasurer-General, Cde Paul Mashatile, addressed the event which saw live demonstrations of these facilities and included interactive participation by the guests.

I encourage everyone to utilize the technology provided by the portal and the App and to participate actively in the programmes of the PBF  that stand to benefit all South Africans for the future that is within our grasp.

The PBF will continue to strive to provide similar opportunities and platforms for our subscribers in the months ahead. We look forward to doing so together with you.


Sipho Mbele



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