Summary of NWC statement 20 April 2020

The following are a selection of highlights of the statement which was issued after a video conference extended session of the ANC National Working Committee which included all NEC Members and Provinces, held on 20 April 2020 on the Covid 19 pandemic: (Please read the full statement as released on 20 April 2020).

Ø Since the first confirmed case of Covid 19 on 5 March this year, the rate of infection has been restrained to about four percent per day, down from the former doubling in March;
Ø This has been achieved through decisive leadership, commitment, sacrifice and collective action by all South Africans;
Ø The ANC expressed its gratitude to all South Africans across the country who have responded to the call: “Protect yourself, defend each other, Let’s do it together”;

Mobilizing the broadest range of Sectors in a compact against Covid 19:
Ø The following pillars form the basis of such mobilization;
o The health plan to ensure screening, testing; hygiene, isolation treatment and vaccine;
o Social relief and fighting hunger
o shelter for the homeless, access to water and sanitation and relief to the unemployed;
o The protection of workers and the assistance of small and informal businesses to retain jobs, income and revenue;
o Assisting business small and large, with bridging finance;
o Social mobilization of all sectors and communities to support government efforts to change behavior, protect and support each other;
o Effective Communication and information on the pandemic , its impact and measures taken by government ;
o International action as part of the African and global community to combat the pandemic and its impact.

Extraordinary measures to mitigate the socio-economic impact of Covid 19:
Ø The NWC, echoing the Alliance Political Council called for an effective stimulus package that will enable an effective response to the crisis.

The need to be united:
Ø The depth of the public health, social and economic crisis requires maximum unity in South Africa in order to overcome.
Ø The country is clearly on the right track to fight the Covid 19 pandemic. South Africans must continue to do more and remain resolute and focused.
Ø In the words of President Ramaphosa while addressing the Alliance Political Council – “we must do whatever it takes to confront this crisis:

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