2020 seems to have turned the sales environment on its head and many industries struggled to move through 2020 and you may have felt that you are trudging through the sludge and may never make it inti 2021. But you have made it and we are here to give you 5 invaluable tips from a recent webinar with NSBC Founder & CEO, Mike Anderson and SALES GURU CEO, Mark Keating on how to succeed in sales in 2021 and beyond.



Much of being successful in sales is determined by your mindset and attitude. With a negative and pessimistic mindset, you will not reap the success you want.

One leading cause of negative mindset is that you might be in the wrong profession. It is important to ask yourself:

* WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THE ROLE THAT YOU ARE IN NOW? If you choose to be an entrepreneur then you need to acknowledge that you choose to have sales as a critical part of your job.

* IS THE ROLE ONE YOU WANT AND WANT TO BE IN? If you have no passion for your job you will struggle to have a positive mindset. If it is your passion then design a reminder at which you can look to recall why you are doing what you are doing on the days that you are negative or down.

* WHY DO YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR JOB OR BUSINESS. If it is important for your financial well-being, then you need to find something outside of your job which will motivate you to do your best at work.



Many digital tools only offer the opportunity for one-way communication, so you need to pick up the phone and have a conversation. Remember when you contact your prospect to be focused on them and their needs and try to establish if what you are selling will satisfy their need. If you are a good match, you you will have opened the door for further discussions and hopefully closed a deal in the end. By making the prospect a contributor to the discussion, you will gain great insights into how they think and what they took out of the conversation. Listen actively.



* Send an agenda: When you send the meeting link, make sure you send an agenda, so that your customer can see you have a clear plan for the meeting. This will also help them to get questions ready for the meeting.

* Make sure you are presentable: The minute the video goes on , you are presenting your brand. You should be dressed smartly and the wall behind must be neutral and not offensive.

* Give a clear introduction: Introduce yourself and the reason for the meeting.

* Always end with a call to action: If the meeting was successful, arrange the next meeting and ask for some referrals you could use.



Take an audit of your skills and make a note of areas where an improvement may lead to sales. If you have the funding then invest in a course to help improve the skills.



Finally, even with all the tips in the world , the only way to improve and succeed in sales is to go out and do it. By participating in sales every day you will find out what works in your industry and you will become more confident with every sale.


This article first appeared in the Small Business Site. The author is unknown.

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