Strategies To Enable You To Think Out Of The Box


For most businesses to survive these days it is imperative that Business Owners and Managers "think out of the box".  When we are stressed, or going through hardships we often get locked into repetitive thought patterns.  Thereby making it almost impossible to move forwards positively by changing our actions and reactions.


Below are a few simple strategies for us to practice to enable us to be more creative, productive and profitable by "thinking out of the box".


1) Quite your mind.  We tend to think too much, and often end up entangled in a web of thoughts and emotions.  Focus on only one problem or solution at a time, and simplify your thoughts.


2) Ask yourself Why?  Why are you stuck? Why is your business failing? Why are you stressed?  Only once you have the whys are you able to plan your hows.


3) Play devil's advocate with yourself and ask what if? You changed your routine? The way you do things? Changed various aspects of your business?


4) Don't think, just be. Now and again, just go with the flow. Take a break from planning your day or life. Who knows where the Universe may lead you!


5) Freewrite 1st thing in the morning or last thing at night.  Don't think, just write and write and write. Neither you nor anyone else ever has to read it, so don't hold back. Putting your thoughts on paper is a huge mental relief.


6) Learn a new skill or take a course. Study something that you have either always wanted to learn more about. Or expand your knowledge and expertise in your fields of interest.


7) Have a brainstorming session. Sit with your colleagues and thrash out what is working, what is not and what needs to change. Often valuable ideas on moving forwards will emerge.


8) Ask a child's opinion. They may not give you your desired answer, but they will be sure to tell you the truth. Let their imaginations run wild and have some fun.


7) Speak honestly and openly with friends or family.  Those closest to us will give us their best advice as they want us to succeed.  This advice should come from someone with no judgement.


8) Take a walk. Fresh air and nature do wonders to lift our spirits and clear our minds. Focus on your breath an appreciating what you have in life.


9) Get a Life Coach or Mentor.  They will require us to do research and homework which force us to think out of the box.


10) Rest or Sleep.  If you just cannot think any more, then take time out to rest, relax and revive.   No matter what time of the day we sometimes just need to rest.


11) Stay away from negative people and toxic environments. "Thinking out of the box" should be focused on inspiration and positivity. Energy vampires and negative environments enhance our negative thoughts, so avoid them at all costs


12) Practice Mindfulness and Meditation daily. These practices quieten our minds and sharpen our focus. Meditation is a form of spring cleaning our brains, and done daily heals our minds, bodies and Souls.


We are all in this together so we must focus on not only asking for support and expecting it but just as important is offering support and being there for each other.  The new normal is different for each one of us, and thinking out of the box will enable us to navigate our way.


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