I am Michael Owen Naidoo, a resident of Durban.  Let’s start around 2019.  Why the name Securitac Security was chosen. My father chose the name Securitac referring to security and tactical, mixing both we got Securitac, a name which is professional and a name relating through all walks of life. I received my CK number (registration).

 I had no money to even register with PSiRA. I had no line of credit. My dad said he will assist me as he applied for a Standard Bank credit card, and I then registered with PSiRA

Unemployed as I was, I purchased my first vehicle, a 2010 Nissan NP 200 with my dad’s Standard Bank credit card as I had no credit line. I approached many companies, but it was difficult as some companies already had contracts in place and some companies where negative towards me as I was young. Starting off, companies always asked me what vehicle I’m driving and how much experience I have. It was downhill, but my father guided me and his friend, Avinash, introduced me to his uncle, Mr Jay Ramkissoon, who spoke to me encouraging me. He gave me his most difficult site with 4 guards. I was hands on, and I persevered. It went smoothly and Mr Jay Ramkissoon gave me his other 2 sites. From there I hired a supervisor. My supervisor, Sanele, was young and had some experience in security and we clicked. We went repping to companies for jobs where we met Sanjeev, an owner of a building (flats). He saw our drive and he gave us encouragement and a job with 2 guards. Sanjeev referred me to Rokaya Amod who has student accommodation. She gave me a job of two guards. From there I progressed slowly, by getting a few sites in my area (Durban).  I’m trying but its not easy.  COVID-19 has made it difficult. Companies cannot afford security, and some are closing down.    

To run a security company is difficult. There is a lot of competition. I’m not a paper/document person. I like to be hands on. My dad sometimes assists me with paperwork, but I have to learn as time goes on. There are hardly any companies assisting youth with business portfolios and business plans and there is no one who finances the youth. At the moment I have many dreams in security, but it will take my time. I dream of owning my own my office building instead of renting so that I can open my own security school and venture into alarms. I recently bought 2 vehicles on credit HP.  One with Ford Credit and a Renault Kwid for R1 999 pm, so that I can grow my business. I have hired a second supervisor, Kuben, with 21 years’ experience and a person who can rep/advertise for my business, Securitac.

I want Securitac to be a professional, hands-on, company providing the best service to the clients and ensuring the client is worry free. I talk to my security officers, and I sit with them at sites ironing out problems. My father guides me throughout my journey as it is a difficult one.

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