Resilience & Recycling In The Workplace

                           Reduce - Reuse - Repair - Recycle – Resell


The ANC Progressive Business Forum, working in partnership with Life Retreat has hosted a series of Masterclass for Business during the Covid-19  challenge.

As the economy slowly makes its re-emergence after about six months in some or other stage of lockdown, there is a palpable sense of recovery underway now. The announcement on 16 September  by President Ramaphosa, that our country will move to level one restrictions, will doubtless provide further impetus to the gradual resurgence of the engine of the economy. 

In recognition of that resurgence, it is now time to move to a new level of "Resilience in the workplace”, a call in effect, for businesses to work together, systematically with Government to harness joined efforts for recovery in a bold and decisive programme of action.

Masterclasses on Business Resilience:

The new series of Masterclasses focused on business resilience.


Undoubtedly,  the mantra - Reduce - Reuse - Repair - Recycle – Resell - is an inspiration to South Africa , and can lead to various industrial sectors serving as a vehicle to building up, and supporting resilience in other business sectors. 

The aim is to educate and inspire employment and business opportunities on how Recycling and Resilience has the potential of creating numerous employment opportunities – an endeavour more important now than ever.


This event took place on the 1 October 12:00 pm and had experts chat about how waste converts to business and what it takes too recycle for profit.



Panelists for this masterclass are:

SIPHO MBELE, Executive Manager of the Progressive Business Forum

TRISH TAYLOR, Director at Life Retreat

LYNN MUNITICH, Director at Waystd Not Trashed

MOLESENG TLAILA, General Manager Landfills, Pikitup

LESEDI MOLEFI, Regional Manager, Pikitup Waterval Depot

And to facilitate the masterclass was:

PROF THEODORE PETRUS, Academic and Business Coach


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