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Life Retreat and the Lifelong Learning Academy in collaboration with the Progressive Business Forum hosted a 9 week (May/June/July) series of virtual Masterclasses themed Mindfulness for Business Innovation and Resilience.  An hour every Thursday at midday was dedicated to Mindfulness, Innovation and Resilience.

As part of the measures put in place to support business during COVID- 19 lockdown, these masterclasses are an intervention to help business begin to mindfully navigate the path through the COVID 19 crisis to the new normal.  The purpose of these masterclasses is to help business not only survive but to thrive and evolve their business perspective during and beyond COVID-19.

The Coronavirus is not only a health crisis of enormous proportion; it is also an immediate restructuring of the global economic order which has had a great impact on most businesses.

The battle against COVID-19 is one that business today must win if we are to find an economically and socially viable path to this so called normal. Protecting our lives and our livelihoods is the priority of our time which emphasizes the urgency of solving now for the virus and the economy.

Why Mindfulness, Innovation and Resilience?

The Business world has been showing increasing interest in Mindfulness even before COVID-19.  This is due to unprecedented change, which was already happening due to digitization, automation, artificial intelligence and information overload. This has now been highly emphasized by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This unprecedented change has immense consequences for all of us.  COVID-19 brings different ways of working which needs new skills such as Mindfulness, Innovation and Resilience.  Business is forced to make the transition to the new normal.  This transition will not only happen physically for businesses, it includes mental and emotional change.

Combining Mindfulness based interventions with the newest insights from Business Innovation and Resilience, our 9 week series of Masterclasses aim to help your business prepare physically, mentally and emotionally in order to evolve and thrive during and beyond COVID-19

The Masterclasses focused on the following topics: 

1.     Evolving Your Business Perspective during and beyond COVID-19

2.     The New Normal

3.     Business Wellness: Saving Lives and Livelihoods

4.     HR Solutions for COVID-19

5.     E-Commerce and Business Innovation

6.     Mindfulness for Business – Change of Mindset

7.     Mindfulness based interventions for Business Innovation and Resilience 

8.     Options for Business Rescue

9.     The Legal Perspective of Businesses in Crisis

10.  How to Digitize your business

11.  Digital Sales and Marketing

12.  Training and Skills Development for the New Normal

13.  Unlearning and Relearning (Returning to Work after Lockdown)

14.  Working Remotely Stress and Productivity

15.  Business Mindfulness, Innovation and Resilience (An open conversation with attendees)

The 9 weeks of these Masterclasses have been very inspirational.  Proudly South African businesses came together to share solutions with one another while building a mindful, innovative and resilient business community.  Many opportunities for collaboration have been created during this time and many more will come as we continue with our Masterclasses, all in the name of Mindfulness, Innovation and Resilience. 

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