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Launching your small business is challenging. Continuing to expand it, once it is established, can be equally difficult. It takes careful strategizing and the desire to get creative to generate new business and grow your customer base.

If your business has stopped attracting new customers, consider these proven methods to continue to expand your business.

Implement quarterly surveys, direct customer service communications, and pay attention to user reviews to gather feedback on your customer’s experiences of your service and products. Take note of consistent complaints and suggestions and use them to introduce new features and  make internal adjustments and improvements.



It is easy to lose sight of quality customer service when focusing  your efforts on expanding your business. Of course, customer churn is part of doing business, however, you don’t want to compound customers’ departure by offering a poor experience. Focusing on quality customer service can be a direct path for growth. If your existing customers are treated favorably, they will be more likely to leave positive reviews, recommend you to their friends and continue to purchase products and services from your business.



When looking for opportunities to expand your business, its customary to try and attract new customers., but what about your existing ones? You have gained their loyalty which means they are more likely to buy from you again, as well as pay more for new products and added services.

Consider new opportunities to increase the value of your customers. This could be by adding a new product line that enhances their previous purchases. Try increasing product and service prices in return for added features, first-hand direction, or improvements that are of value to your customers.



To continue to influence and grow your customer base, you need to showcase your expertise by finding ways to share your business knowledge and offer it as a free opportunity to facilitate learning and growth. This includes hosting webinars, sharing resources and running Q & As through your social media platforms. Make sur to provide a link to a specific promotional page when hosting an event or providing access to a download. This will grow your following and over time translate into new customers.



In your efforts to grow your business, be sure to actively measure and track your success. It can be simple to make a change without setting goals or having key results in mind to establish a favorable outcome. Without clear goals, a growth exercise can become a detrimental cost to your operation. Be sure to set your goals upfront and if you are not seeing positive results, do not hesitate to end a project or change direction.

When your goals and desired results are being realized, keep on measuring. A set of webinars and new product offerings may lead to expansion for a period, but that could change if you are not being prudent.



Building a strong network of partnerships in your business community can lead to new customers, employees and even shareholders. Likewise, it is a positive way to share business trends and industry insights that you otherwise might not have known about.



If you are honest about your products and services, you won’t have to recall what you have communicated to your customers. Customers appreciate honesty and will sing your praises through word-of-mouth to others who may be interested in your services. Showing your customers that you are also human will go a long way in retaining their loyalty and attracting more customers to your business.


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