Progressive Women in Business - Addressing Gender Imbalance

PROGRESSIVE WOMEN IN BUSINESS -Addressing gender imbalance

In 2012 the PBF launched the Annual Women’s Summit and Luncheon. This event, hosted in Johannesburg during the month of August, which is Women’s month in South Africa, provides a platform for women in business to share their thoughts, ideas, concerns and aspirations with the ANC leadership in government, as well as with their peers and colleagues in business.

The summit is held on an annual basis and serves to celebrate the advances made by progressive women in business. The annual PBF Business Woman of the Year award is also presented at the event. This event will again held once the lockdown has been lifted.

Following the success of the summit, management of the PBF have taken a decision to expand the PBF programme to include a series of business breakfast events in order to create ongoing awareness of the issues faced by women in business and to extend its reach to business women in other cities in which PBF is active. These events will resume once the covid-19 plaque is over.

We wish all our women readers and subscribers a very happy Women’s Month. 

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  • I have a vision of a strong women business front, championed by self-made businesswomen in every industry, backed by Government Programmes in Job Creation and the empowerment of young women in our country. An ANC Government that is true to its word and mission in building genuine entrepreneurs.

    Nontsikelelo Mgayiya

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