The PBF hosted a virtual meeting for its subscribers only on 25 February to engage on the National Budget speech which had been delivered the previous day.


The Budget speech  provides the financial framework for the delivery of the work of government for the year ahead.  It is a crucial component of government work and programmes and provides the practical parameters of and allocations within which Government seeks to provide and underpin its commitment to the South African people.


The keynote speaker was the Deputy Minister of Finance, Dr David Masondo. The ANC Treasurer-General, Paul Mashatile made opening remarks, setting the tone for the meeting ahead.


To assist the interactive nature of the engagement, the  meeting was held under the Chatham House rules of confidentiality whereby names and details of  all participants are kept confidential and where the information shared is not attributed or quoted outside of the meeting.


From the number of subscribers attending, the questions put forward and the ensuing discussion, it is clear that there is a significant desire and willingness to be part of the economic growth, recovery and development of our country, in a positive and constructive way.


It is clear that this budget discussion will remain an annual favorite for PBF subscribers.

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