PEOPLE INNOVATION AND VALUE-BASED LEADERSHIP - Message from the outgoing PBF Convenor, Sasha Müller


As I reflect on my time as Convenor of the PBF, three major features stand out for me.

These are People, Innovation and Value-based leadership.

I consider these, the magic and also essential ingredients that have allowed the PBF to weather the storm of changes we have seen over these months. From embarking on programmes of modernization to having to adapt systems and processes through lockdown, both factors when not managed correctly can completely cripple a business.

However, somehow, through all of this, the PBF team was able to innovate, come closer together and harness the power of value-based leadership (a style of leadership that involves leading through the rolling up of sleeves and working hands-on with your team), to assist our subscribers to not only ‘think outside the box’ but also help them find new opportunities’ through a new way of doing business.

I am reminded of the words of Ms Kat Cole, the COO of FOCUS BRANDS, who said:

“Leadership is about the team - the culture they keep and embrace, it’s about empathy for your customers, clients, employees and the communities where you do business, it’s about doing the right thing for the right reasons, being confident enough to take risks and responsible enough to think of those who your decisions and risks may affect.”

Even now, as I step away from steering the ship of the ANC Progressive Business Forum, and join you the businessperson as a subscriber of the PBF, I’m excited to continue the journey with the PBF from the other side of the bench.

I can say this confidently because of the people within the PBF and because of the leadership and strategy of the Treasurer General of the ANC, Paul Mashatile who has always been someone who openly seeks to grow South Africa through innovation.

These hands-on PBF team members, who implement this strategy, are truly a reflection of South African diversity working together. A non-racial, non-sexist, no-bias equal footing team, who work for the better of South Africa together. They are leaders in their own right, who have taken on a strategy as their own career journey and have all notably grown as people through working together and embracing change.

So even though the decision to take on new challenges has not been easy, being able to say that I’m back walking into the business world with a strong ally within the PBF makes me feel like I have family holding my hand and supporting me through the next phase.

I’m extremely grateful for the time and space I have had to grow and to learn to stand fast and literally stick through the thick and thin of a devastating global pandemic which has arguably changed our world irrevocably. It was instead a personal journey of growth for me.

I do hope many subscribers take advantage of the benefits they have access to within the PBF, because I’ll share a little secret…

I had a peek into the twelve month projected PBF plan and I personally feel that

‘AFRICA OUR TIME IS NOW’. It’s the best time to be part of the PBF.

My warmest and confident wishes to the incoming Convenor, Sipho Mbele, who has been the Executive Manager of the PBF working side by side with me.

I’d like to conclude with a reminder about our potential to achieve great things and to make a difference for good, from former President Nelson Mandela: -  “ It always seems impossible….until its done”.

Wishing everyone every continued success and with my heartfelt thanks. It has been my privilege!

Sasha Müller










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