The PBF is a programme of the ANC, mandated to promote and enhance liaison between Government, the ANC and Business. It functions under auspices of the Office of the ANC Treasure General.

As part of driving change and and upholding President Nelson Mandela’s covenant addressed on 10th May 1994 “Today we enter into a covenant that we shall build a society in which all South Africans, both black and white, will be able to walk tall without fear in their hearts, assured of their inalienable right to human dignity.” As well as President Ramaphosa words, in his State of the Na- Gon Address on 13 February 2020, “Let us frankly admit that the government cannot solve our economic challenges alone”.

It is with this common cause in mind that we as PBF are proud to present to you IMPALA FISHING as our PBF Subscriber Good Story. A secGon that allows us to introduce and promote our PBF busi- ness subscribers to the public to encourage you to become a PBF subscriber today. We invite you to join this programme of acGon which conGnues to reach our to fulfil its mandate of inclusive growth

Q: Who is IMPALA FISHING and when did the company start?
A: Our company is called Impala Fishing and the company was started in 1994; I’ve been working in the business since its incepAon so it’s been over 26 years. Currently I’m the Managing Director and I’ve been in this role since 2002.

Q: Tell us more about yourself and how long you have been a PBF subscriber?

A: My name is Celeste Diest and we’ve been a PBF subscriber for over 12 years.
I work in the Fishing Industry and our offices are based in Grassy Park, Cape Town. Our fishing operaAons are from Table Bay harbour as well as St Helena Bay on the West Coast.
We are involved in the catch and sale of Hake Deep sea Trawl, Hake Longline and the Small Pelagic fishery. We operate our own vessels and supply factories in these sectors.
I am responsible for the strategic direcAon of the company as well as planning the operaAons, maintaining financial stability and ensuring compliance with the relevant Marine legislaAon. I am also involved in many Industry AssociaAons which allows interacAon between all different stakeholders within fishing.

Q: What inspired you get your idea or concept for the business?
A: Impala Fishing is a family-business and was started by my dad, Harry CoWle. He had over 50 years’ expe- rience in the Fishing Industry and with the new dispensaAon in 1994, he started his own business. I worked alongside him for many years and gained insight into operaAons as well as the business side of fishing. When he passed away unexpectedly in 2002, I had to step into his role and take over because the livelihood of our family as well as our employees depended on the success of the business. The company has grown organically over the years and our role within the industry has evolved.

My children have also become involved in the business and the youth involvement brings a different per- specAve and fresh ideas. This is the 3rd generaAon to be involved in Impala Fishing and we constantly learn from each other. In 2016, my children aWended an event hosted by Minster Bheki Cele which celebrated youth involvement in the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries sector. They were fortunate enough to win the Agristars Award for the Fishing Industry.

After winning the award, we earmarked the prize money for an Enterprise Development project. My son has always been interested in Environmental ConservaAon and this provided an opportunity to develop an iniAa- Ave that focuses on cleaning the oceans. As our business is reliant on the marine environment, this project grew as a social impact iniAaAve to minimise the debris and polluAon in South African harbours.

Currently, Kurt is working closely with the UCT Engineering Department to develop a harbour skimmer which removes pollutants from the oceans. This is his passion project, and he stays abreast of the developments in ocean economies which ranges from upcycling recycled fishing nets to producing high fashion items like Adidas shoes from recycled materials. Impala Fishing provides the funding for this project by paying for the materials to build the unit and Kurt assists with research and tesAng. The project is currently at the devel- opment of a second-phase prototype for deployment and tesAng. The long-term goal is to create a product that would need collaboraAon from various spheres in society to work towards environmental sustainability. This is our way of looking at Responsible Investment so that we can minimise any negaAve impacts of fish- ing on the environment and society.

Q: How has being a PBF subscriber benefited you are your business?
A: It has given us a broader understanding of the steps government is taking to build a stronger commercial environment. It has also given us a reassurance that the ANC is aware of the plight of SMMEs, the challenges that women in business face and the struggling economy. They have acknowledged the precarious situaAon and the newsleWers are important because it keeps us abreast of policies and government senA- ments. The open exchange of ideas is very encouraging and has led to an increased business confidence in the economy. The forum provides an inclusive placorm for growth and development.

Q: What advice do you have for future PBF subscribers?
A: The PBF provides many opportunities to subscribers for learning and engagement so it is important to make full use of the informaAon, briefings and engagement placorms at your disposal. This will help businesses so that we can all build a stronger business environment together. It is our belief that if business and government work together, there will be beWer social cohesion; and this ANC Business forum allows that kind of dialogue.

Become a PBF Subscriber today and your company may be featured as our PBF GOOD STORY.

TEL: 082 573 7741

EMAIL: natasha@impalafishing.co.za


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