PARLIAMENT - Budget Votes


The month of May saw the presentations to Parliament, by Government Ministers during mini Plenaries, of their individual department’s budget votes.  These mini plenaries provided the opportunity for Parliament and the public at large, to be informed of the plans, funding and activities of each department and allowed Parliament to debate and adopt the individual budgets of each department.

The individual Departmental Budget vote speeches can be accessed on the links below. 

At time of writing, the speeches below had been posted. Please refer to the link for the finalized list of posted speeches.


Human Settlements:




Higher Education and Training:


Agriculture Rural Development and Land Reform:


International Relations and Cooperation:


Office of the Chief Justice:


Public Service and Administration:


Water and Sanitation:


Social Development:


Science and Innovation:


Government Communication and Information Systems:


Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs:


Justice and Constitutional Development:




Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment:


National Treasury:


Communications and digital technologies:


Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation:


Basic Education:


Public Enterprises:


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