PARLIAMENT: Budget Votes


The second term of Parliament commenced on 4 May after the constituency period of the Members had concluded.

Aside from the usual heavy workload, most notable in May was the significant activity of the Parliamentary Committees in both the National Assembly (NA) and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) considering the Budget votes of Government Departments.

The Budget Votes:

Budget vote debates take place in in mini-plenary sittings. Traditionally these mini plenaries see Ministers and Deputy Ministers introduce the budget of their Departments and then the matter is debated by MP’s.  It will be seen that several Budget vote debates take place at the same time.  The process of the debate is to allow the public to understand how the allocated funds are being used in each particular Department.

Both the National Assembly and the National Council of Province vote on the entire Budget at the end of the process.


The scheduled Budget votes as advertised in the Parliamentary Programme, took place in a series of mini-plenaries in the National Assembly as follows:


13 May Thursday:

  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Health Budget vote
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (see
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (see
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Higher Education and Training
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Sports, Arts and Culture


14 May Friday:

  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Employment and Labor
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Environment, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Statistics South Africa


18 May Tuesday:

  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Tourism
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Trade, Industry and Competition
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): National Treasury (State Security)
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Mineral Resources and Energy
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Human Settlements
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Defense and Military Veterans
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Office of the Chief Justice
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Communication and Digital Technologies
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Science and Innovation


19 May Wednesday:

  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Mini Plenary (virtual) Women, Children and People with Disabilities
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Home Affairs


20 May Thursday:

  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Correctional Services
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Police (IPID and Civilian Secretariat)
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): International Relations and Cooperation
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Public Service and Administration
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Basic Education
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): National Treasury


21 May Friday:

  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Transport
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Government Communication and Information


25 May Tuesday:

  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Public Enterprises
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Public Works and Infrastructure
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Social Development
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Justice and Constitutional Development
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Water and Sanitation
  • Mini Plenary (virtual): Small Business Development

The PBF encourages its subscribers to visit the website  to read the full texts of the Budget votes.

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