The South Africa Parliament is a formidable body, looking after all South Africans’ interests.

The website of Parliament, is a fountain of news and information offering readers detailed insight into its operations, its people, its publications and its work. 

In recent weeks, the PBF has advised of certain upcoming Parliamentary Committee meetings  of the National Assembly (NA) and  the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) .The number of meetings is testament indeed to the significant volume of work Parliament undertakes.  For this reason, the PBF selects a small number of those meetings which may be of interest to subscribers.

The information is not that of the PBF and subscribers can visit the Parliamentary website  to view the full list of meetings and to read the reports and related documents in full. 

In these times of Covid 19 challenges, these Committee meetings can be watched on YouTube by accessing Parliament South Africa Live.  They can also be viewed on the Parliamentary Channel 408 subject to availability. Please note carefully the dates and times which are  subject to change.

The significance of the Committees includes the fact that -  “Committees have the power to summons any person to appear before them to give evidence or produce documents. They may ask any person or institution to report to them and may receive petitions, representations or submissions from the public. They play a crucial role in the law-making process”. (see

By way of example:

The past month has seen significant activity of all Committees with some Committees receiving briefings by their respective Departments  and their entities on their adjustment budget allocations (2020/21) and the impacts on their delivery programs  made in response.

Committee work has also seen consideration and adoption of Committee reports and Annual Performance plans/Strategic Plans and Corporate Plans and , there  have also been public hearings on the Division of Revenue Amendment Bill , the 2020 Adjustment Appropriation Bill and briefings on the Disaster Management Tax Relief Bill and the Disaster Management Tax Administration Bills, to name a few.

Plenary Sessions:


Highlights of the past month included  the virtual lecture in commemoration of Nelson Mandela International Day and the  National Council of Provinces hosting of  a virtual  Women’s Charter Review session to consider: “Women Occupying Senior Positions in the Public and Private sector”.   This session was part of the Parliament’s ongoing review of the Women’s Charter. (Please see the background to the Women’s Charter Review  in )

Subscribers are encouraged to visit the Parliamentary website.

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