Our Real Wealth is Our People - Heinrich Kruger

There are two types of people in the world, those who make money and those who burn money. You are the type that you choose to be.


Both types contribute to a country’s economy.

Yes, even those who burn money contribute, because if you are a big spender, those whom you buy from, make money and those whom you borrow from, make money. But in the end, you are a loser and so are those around you.


But those who make money become the Wealth Creators, they become the Job Creators, they become the Builders of the Economy, they become the Tax Payers, the contributors of a beter life for all South Africans, the leaders of tomorrow!


The first thing you need to be a money maker is a decision to become a money maker. Make the choice.


The second decision is to decide to have a positive attitude to let your money contribute to the greater good. Some people who decide to become money makers may have a selfish attitude about it and will be nothing but money takers and not contributors!


To become a business owner and then a money maker, you need knowledge.

To have knowledge does not necessarily mean a matric, or a diploma or even a degree.

Yes, you can get the same knowledge that you need for virtually any degree for free from the top universities in the world online. Go to the websites of, for instance Massachusetts Institute of Technology and pick and choose which courses you would like to study. You do not need any qualifications or money to do it!


If you are going to be your own boss, you do not need recognition through official or recognized channels like diplomas or degrees. All you will need is the knowledge to produce something of value that people need, something that contribute positively to people’s lives. This could be a service or a product.


Start your business first with an idea, then turn the idea into a plan and then start to implement your plan by turning it into action and production. If you don’t have capital you can start small, even micro Small...


You don’t need to make millions...

Small contributions by millions of small business people become billions of Rands.

If ten million small businesses employ each two people with the business owner, we will have thirty million people being contributors to our economy, to our tax base.


Every industry and occupation in the world will be changed radically in the next few years. The pace of development is exponential and is disrupting businesses, industries, jobs at a faster and faster rate every day. There is nowhere to hide. Nobody will be able to protect you from the fast pace of development. You will have to take responsibility to stay ahead of these radical changes yourself. You can either be afraid of it or excited by it. What took 50 years to develop and change before, takes 3 years today! What was not possible before, is possible today. Jobs that existed for ages, can disappear overnight and jobs that never existed, can appear overnight.


That is why you need knowledge and stay abreast of development by continued studying. But again, only studying would not be enough. You will have to keep on developing new ideas, plans and implementation.


These changes are not decided by governments. It is decided by the needs of people of all creeds, colors and sexes, poor or rich across the world and by worldwide technological advancement. It races ahead of governments and legislation in general. It is a tsunami, but is not new, it has been happening for millions of years, but the pace is ever increasing, unstoppable.


South Africa used to be the largest producer of gold in the world, but technological advancements has made mining production processes elsewhere in the world cheaper than in South Africa. This has cost South Africa millions of job opportunities, taxes and economic growth.


Today it is much cheaper to extract the same amount of gold from one ton of disposed smartphones than from seventy tons of gold ore! That means that the continued existence of gold mines anywhere in the world is under threat. That is disruption.


According to prof. David Roberts of Singularity University and one of the world's top experts on technology disruption, innovation and exponential leadership there are more rare earth metals in land filled electronics than in all known global reserves. Less than 1% of rare earth metals are recycled. Guiyu, China receives 4000 tons of e-waste every hour.


De Beers, the largest producer of diamonds in the world, has announced three years ago that they have started to invest in manufactured diamonds as well as opposed to mined diamonds. With modern technology diamonds can be manufactured much cheaper than to dig them out of the ground. This is disruption.


United States Integrated Steel Mills, some of the largest steel mills in the world lost over a relative short period up to 89% of tonnage steel milled and 67% of its gross margin to mini steel mills, which refers to my earlier comment that Small can be big!


As prof. Roberts says according to an old African proverb, the best time to plant a tree, was twenty years ago. The second best time is NOW!


Decide whether you are going to be a positive disrupter who will help to change the world to be a better place for all or a negative disrupted person who will break and brake development for all.




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