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As this is the last edition for the year, it is perhaps also time to reflect. Each of us can recall particular highlights, but perhaps most significantly we will recall it conscious of the urgency of renewed efforts to reinvigorate the economy in the light of the Covid pandemic. Those combined efforts were so well encapsulated in the President’s remarks of resilience in the State of the Nation Address (SONA) in 2020, when he said:

….And yet, like the hardy fynbos of our native land, we too have proven to be resilient in many ways………..We have risen time and time again from the depths of darkness to herald a new day.

As we look on the grave damage that this disease has caused, we know that like the fynbos, like all those who have walked this land before us, we will rise again.

Those words serve to inspire us to work together, to unite us in our efforts and to demonstrate the resilience for which South Africans are known.

We need to encourage our collective efforts of rebuilding, growing our economy  and of support for local business in particular the SMMEs so that they able to access the markets and access funding for their businesses.  

The PBF lends its voice to calls for more South Africans to get vaccinated and, in so doing, to borrow from the President’s address to the nation in September 2021: “kick our economic recovery into high gear”.

Looking ahead:

Early next year we would have:

  • heralded the start of the New Year on 1 January;
  • be preparing for the celebrations of the 110th anniversary of the founding of the ANC;
  • and the Parliamentary legislative year would be on the brink of commencing with the State of the Nation Address (SONA) to be delivered by President Ramaphosa.

We will advise in the next newsletter, of the outcomes of engagements held after this newsletter was distributed, such as the SA/Russia webinar engagement on Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the outcomes of the upcoming NEC meeting among others.

Our programme of activities and engagements will commence of course early next year. Readers will know that engagements with various foreign Missions based in South Africa, to explore and promote enhanced business opportunities between subscribers and the businesses of those represented countries, is ongoing.  We will keep subscribers informed as these events take shape and come to fruition from January.

In closing, we wish you a blessed festive season with your loved ones, family and friends and thanking you for your support over the past year.

We look forward to your ongoing active participation in programmes of the PBF in 2022, confident that together we can ensure that our engagements will be fruitful and positive.

Happy New Year!


Sipho Mbele




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