The first South African non-racial, local government elections were held in November 1995. These elections took place post the first democratic elections in 1994. The local government has undergone various stages of transformation, from pre-negotiations, to transition and consolidation of metros into single metros. This process was managed in line with key pieces of local government legislations such as the Municipal Systems Act, Municipal Structures and Municipal Structures Act. These pieces of legislation ensure local government is able to ensure administrative and financial capacity.

The November 2021 local government elections will usher in the new system of local government based on the District Model. The District Model will integrate the plans of all spheres of government, ensure there is alignment of planning to ensure efficiency in all spheres of government and manage coordination and implementation.

The process of nominating councilors had afforded communities to elect the best amongst the communities. Community participation in selecting councilors is in line with South African Constitution of providing democratic and accountable government for local communities. Communities will able to hold their ward councilor’s accountable.

The ANC local government manifesto has made a commitment to finalizing the social compact between social partners to achieve our country’s fundamental social transformation to reduce and eradicate the plague of unemployment, poverty and inequality. This commitment takes into account the critical role that business is playing with civil society in building our country and promoting social cohesion.

Over years, the PBF has created a platform for business to engage with the ANC and leaders in the movement and leaders of government. This process has resulted in positive outcomes including but not limited to the development of the ANC economic policy - the “Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan”.  We will continue working with business and trade missions to promote investment opportunities for our subscribers.


Looking ahead:


Following immediately after the Local Government Elections, several important events are scheduled to take place.


  • Parliament which is on Constituency recess until after the elections will reconvene.


  • Each year, the Minister of Finance delivers a Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) in Parliament, setting out any adjustments, updates, allocations estimates and changes to the Budget of government presented in February this year.


This important and much awaited speech, due to be delivered by Minister Godongwana on 11 November, and conveying government policy on the economy and public spending, comes as the country begins to emerge from the challenges of the Coronavirus, stimulating and encouraging debate and consideration.


  • The Intra African Trade Fair (IATF) is scheduled to be held at the Durban International Convention Centre in Durban from 15-21 November. The IATF website advises that: The IATF is the key event boosting trade in Africa. In 2021, IATF’s theme will focus on the newly-launched African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) - a single market for goods and services across 55 countries, aimed at boosting trade and investment across Africa and beyond, with international trade organizations and agencies providing routes into markets outside Africa.

The IATF has its own website.   Registering to exhibit, or attend or visit can be done electronically on the site.

  • Eengagements with various foreign Missions based in South Africa, to explore and promote enhanced business opportunities between subscribers and the businesses of those represented countries, is ongoing. We will keep subscribers informed as these events take shape and come to fruition.

We look forward to your ongoing active participation in our programmes, confident that together we can ensure that our engagements will be fruitful and positive, at a time when resolve is needed most and when confidence is the means to ensure inclusive growth.


Sipho Mbele





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