This penultimate newsletter for 2020 is filled, as always with fascinating pieces of information that are forward looking and constructive.  This past month has seen further proof of business beginning once again to soar and reach toward their best potential.   The mandate of the ANC’s Progressive Business Forum (PBF) is after all to promote and enhance liaison between Government, the Party and Business. We strive to be a centre of excellence for that very purpose.

In reviewing the past month, I was reminded of the twin headed eagle as a symbol of the potential for greatness and success. With one head looking left and the other right, it reminded me of the spirit taking hold in our country, that we are best enabled when we look home and abroad – twin approaches to our economy, local and international. 

On the home front:

In early November, President Ramaphosa convened and addressed the Infrastructure South Africa Project Preparation Roundtable and Marketplace, Gallagher Estate, Midrand. That roundtable
also “explored through a high-level plenary discussion how and why the terms and conditions of project preparation capital deployment are curbing the development of projects in South Africa.  It further provides a collaborative platform for infrastructure investment practitioners to share operational knowledge and strategic expertise concerning project preparation and development activities”

For the full speech by President Ramaphosa to the Roundtable, see:

On the international front:

Also in early November,   President Ramaphosa participated virtually in a business and investment roundtable with representatives from three major business organizations from the United States, , the Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU), the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), and the US Chamber of Commerce.

The roundtable  provided a platform for engagement by 32 companies representing sectors such as healthcare, information communication technology, consumer goods, retail, energy, defense, agro-processing, aviation, space, transportation, film and TV production, finance, and consulting.

For the full speech by President Ramaphosa see:

Connecting the two:

Bringing the local and international business dimensions together, in just a few days the SA Investment Conference will be held in Johannesburg.  This conference will bring together business investors and stakeholders from around the world virtually and allow engagement around the opportunity the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA)  stands to provide  for business.

From just the two examples I have cited above, we take encouragement from the fact  that our country is moving ahead, in the knowledge that South Africa has much to offer on all fronts. 

While not every business can operate internationally, business everywhere seem to have this one thing in common, a need to be creative. Surrounding ourselves by creative thinking is key to resilience in business

In mid-November, the PBF will play host to a virtual meeting,  designed to encourage resilience in business.  The meeting will explore and encourage divergent thinking which aims ultimately to inspire creativity in our approach to our specific businesses and to find novel and creative solutions  to grow them.

Being part of creative solutions and innovative thinking is the goal the PBF strives toward,  Being part of a programme such as offered by the ANC’s Progressive Business Forum , is the first important step a business can take, Whether your business is local or operates internationally, we would welcome you warmly, confident that innovation comes from partnerships and participation.


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