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Life Retreat was a Healing Hub situated on Lourensford Estate in the Western Cape. It consists of a Shop, Studio & Spa. Our focus is on Resilience and wellness in the Workplace. Life Retreat. Life Retreats primary focus is on hosting Workshops, masterclasses, Retreats and Day Experiences for the Workplace. We work with businesses, providing a platform where we share our knowledge and expertise, with other experts to Business Owners, Managers and Employees.
Trish Taylor
Trish, the Owner of Life Retreat, completed her B Soc Sci majoring in Psychology at UCT and has then gone on to a lifetime to studying Health and healing. She is a Registered Herbalist, Yoga Teacher and studied Ayurveda. She has started various successful Business and now focuses entirely on Life Retreat. Trish has now combined her wealth of Health knowledge with her experience of running and owning Businesses to share with others in the Workplace. Trish and Siphokazi work hand in hand in Business.
Siphokazi Kwakweni
Siphokcazi is the founding Director of the Lifelong Learning Academy. Her primary focus is on Mindfulness, Self-Actualisation, Technology and Consckus education. She is a Yoga Teachers, and a Success and Life Coach, having qualified at eh SA College of Conscious Education. Siphokazi is a teacher and presenter and has combined these to host Masterclasses and workshops on Mindfulness and resilience in the Workplace.
Life Retreats main focus is on teaching people in the Workplace how to be resilient, and live healthy balanced lifestyles, We often bring other experts into our Workshops to ensure that our Clients expertise advice. All of our work is focused on tools that people and Business can utilise with immediate effect.
Our focus lately has been on changing our Business model to our "new normal" or as they say, to the "no normal" Life Retreat's brick and mortar business has been closed for many months. In the interim, we have taken our entire Business online. We have had to practice what we preach. We have had to think out of the box, be open to change, learn from others and think out of the box. And, through all of this ensure that our Staff and we remain healthy, mentally, physically and emotionally. 
Trish and Siphokazi with the Progressive Business Forum designed a Programme for Business in Crisis during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Every Thursday at noon, they host a Webinar with the PBF on Reslieienc in the Workplace, with the focus being on Mindfulness and HealthHealth. These Webinars are designed not only to offer a support system to South African Businesses but to give them tools to ensure that they not only "Survive, but Thrive".
Every week we present with an Expert in a different field, and these include Finance, Wellness, Legal, Human Resources, and so much more. We encourage business owners to interact with our Experts and us and guide them in turning their Businesses around,
From being a brick and mortar business, we are now fully operational online. It is not easy reinventing the wheel but it is exciting. The light at the end of our tunnel is that when we do reopen, we will have a dual income. Yoga Studio Online where we hold classes 7 days a week.:  We have begun a Life Retreat Academy: where we offer various short and ongoing Courses. Our focus is on growing our Online Shop. 
It has not been an easy journey reinventing the wheel. But the light at the end of the tunnel is that once our Business reopens, we will continue with all of our online work and have a dual income.
Our advice to other Business Owners now is to do whatever it takes to keep your Business alive. Be extremely resilient and open to changing your Business model if need be. As South Africans now more than ever, the time has come for us to work together and support each other as much as we possibly can.
Trish and Siphokazi are both Proudly South African and go back many generations, They have children whom they would like to stay and succeed in their Country. They are firm believers that most South African Businesses can survive the lockdown if they are resilient and open to change.
“Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it's less good than the one you had before. You can fight it, you can do nothing but scream about what you've lost, or you can accept that and try to put together something that's good."
 ― Elizabeth Edwards

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