Scoring the 20 points on the Skills Development Element under the Generic Scorecard for Codes of Good Practice has never been easier. As a consulting agency , SEESA will be able to address all your Skills Development needs.

With SEESA BEE, together with Incuvest, can make the Skills Development element quick, efficient and simple to contribute.. With our assistance, we also take the administrative burden of Skills Development away.

The requirements of the Skills Development element, as per the Generic Codes of Good Practice are as follows:

* 3.5% of Skills Development expenditure on Learning Programmes specified in the  Learning Programmes Matrix for black people  as a percentage of leviable amount;

* 2.5% of Skills Development expenditure on bursaries for black students at Higher Education Institutions;

* 0.3% of Skills Development expenditure on Learning Programmes specified in the Learning Programmes Matrix for black employees with disabilities as a percentage of leviable amount.

Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships: number of black people participating in the above as a percentage of total employees = target = 5%

In terms of the Generic Scorecard, you are required to ensure that your Skills Expenditure is also done in line with the EAP targets. Your SEESA BEE Legal Advisor will advise you on the exact amounts that need to be spent on each of the indicators and the amounts that need to be spent in terms of the EAP targets.

SEESA Skills Training will also assist in providing accredited courses, and Incuvest will assist in facilitating the bursary options available to the client.

Our team will provide all the required documents for the verification purposes, thereby saving time and making the process simple. It is important to keep the following in mind:

* All Skills Development expenditure must be within your financial period.

* The amount spent, including VAT. Will be taken into consideration towards Skills Development expenditure;

* The amount you can claim for an unaccredited course is capped;

* Mandatory sector training and health sector training  do not count for BEE points.

The pre=requisites for Skills Development per the legislation are as follows:

* Paying Skills Development Levy to SARS;

* Registering to your relevant SETA;

* The organization must have a submitted and approved   Workplace Skills Plan;

* The organization must have implemented a plan to develop the priority skills of black employees.



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