As a coach, I often meet business owners when they come to an impasse with their business. The conversation normally starts with one of the following statements:

* “After so many years and so much effort, I thought I would have been further along in my business by now”.

* “The business is not as profitable as I had hoped it would be at this point”.

* “I am exhausted from having to do it all—should I just sell, is it worth going on?”.

It always amazes me how similar these conversations are to those I have had with friends and family members who are at an impasse in their relationships. These usually sound like,”I don’t know what else to do to get the spark back” or “I don’t know if its worth saving or if its time to move on”.

And in each scenario, I have the same questions:

  1. What was your initial intention with the relationship business?
  2. Have you done everything possible to get it back on track?
  3. Have you sought professional help?

Often the initial goal or intention is lost, so much focus has been put on managing the day-to-day of the business. When we lose focus we lose the love, the passion, the drive, and all the things that made the late nights, early mornings, less than market-related salary and so many other sacrifices worth it.

So, how do you get to appreciate your business anew?

When we seem to have been jaded by the many struggles that come with this journey called Entrepreneurship—you go back to basics, start with WHY.

Why did you start the business? What was the vision you had and how far are you from that vision? Could you get your business to that vision, or do you need help?

Immediately we start challenging our MINDSET, our use of LANGUAGE, and our sense of GRATITUDE for how far we have come. As your business grows and evolves, so should your skills. Lifelong learn and development are key to long-term sustainable success. Not to mention, learning a new skill is empowering and inspiring. You need to DELEGATE.


Positive leaders not only have higher success, but they also tend to have motivated workforces. Always remember that your response decides the outcome.


Compile a list of positive affirmations to chase off negative thoughts. In Action COACH we refer to this as “I am statements”. –this helps to inspire and motivate you to act and think in a way that will align with your goals.


Acknowledge when you’ve achieved your goals—no matter how big or small the goal is. We often are too quick to move to the next thing on our list, without celebrating what we have achieved.


Evaluate your to-do list and delegate those lower-level tasks to a team member or outsource them. This will free up more of your time so that you can focus on building a profitable business.

The key to appreciating your business anew is ensuring that the relationship with your business is mutual; you get back what you are putting in. This begs the question, are you investing to the same level as your ask, is this a reciprocal relationship, or are you simply just showing up?


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