Focus on the Convener of the PBF - Sasha Müller

Widely read, well-travelled and multi-skilled,  Sasha is a dynamic global businesswoman, impact investment and communications expert. She specialises in international relations, developing cross-functional relationships that advance mutual growth and cultural sensitivity, all the while promoting social democracy.

After mastering stimulating enterprise across complex supply chains to produce long-term trade benefits, as Cultural Attache for South Africa to the United Kingdom by the Department of Arts and Culture, she returned home in 2015 to assist institutions in promoting bilateral trade.

Since 2017 she has been advising the Treasurer General  of the  ANC on promoting the local economy, assisted with the 2019 National Election Fundraising as well as implementation of systems to support the newly passed Political Party Funding Act.

And now Sasha has also become the Convenor of the Progressive Business Forum, putting her at the forefront of keeping the dialogue alive between business and government.

Sasha was quoted as saying “I believe in value-based leadership, in leading not only from the front but from within the group too—rolling up my sleeves and getting involved in the process.”

By nature, she is a fighter for the people. “I believe in justice and trying to find a way to help those who are not necessarily able to help themselves.”

The PBF plays a vital role within the South African context, says Sasha, “we are the intermediary between corporate—locally and globally—and policymakers in the country. When policy is being made, it needs to consider the people. We are the key to getting the voice of the corporates heard, where it’s not a one-sided affair or one corporate linking with a singular politician, but rather it’s a holistic view of the business industry, informing the industry’s voice and also explaining to corporates where things are currently sitting.”

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  • Hi Sasha
    We need help and advice to sustain and grow our motor rewinding business for future SA.

    Segren Reddy

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