Double Your Subscription Benefits If You Subscribe Before the End of April 2020

Since the Nationwide lockdown, many businesses have been frozen with what to do in these strange times. How do | save my business? where to now? what Government support is available and how do I apply?

The Progressive Business forum has been supporting businesses for 15 years and managing the dialogue between Business and the ANC.

The PBF continues to offer our subscribers it's benefits including the valuable insights and dialogues with ANC leadership, We have also used this time to innovate and find new ways of engaging, facilitating and providing information and support for companies during COVID-19. Whether it be finding aid channels. operational assistance or insights how markets are changing. We are focusing on evolving the business perspective to help you and your business through these times.

Until the 30th of April 2020,  If you buy any annual Subscription with the PBF, you will automatically be upgraded to a tier higher,


and getting first hand insight that will AID, REVIVE, RETHINK AND GROW your business to bring more opportunities which ultimately allows YOUR BUSINESS
to participate in making South Africa great!

  • Add the subscription option that you want to purchase
  • then add the next level up subscription option.
  • Lastly use the coupon code: TIERUPGRADE2020 
  • The higher level subscription will be discounted and you will only pay for the lower level subscription

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