I am a seasoned black African woman entrepreneur and executive doing business in Africa. With expertise that cuts across various business interests and over 15 years of experience in senior positions in Telecommunications and Financial services in key markets in Africa.

Having travelled to several countries in Africa I have come to appreciate the beauty unearthed in our beautiful continent. I made it a conscious decision to develop a technology platform that connects Africa to the rest of the works and showcases the beautiful authentic, unique, and mostly handcrafted high-end products from Africa.

In just under 5 years Grace has won numerous awards which include 3 Pan Africa Global CEO awards as one of Africas influential women in Business. 2017 she won the Country Award in 2018 she won the SADC regional Pan Africa global CEO awards and in 2019 she also won the continental award.  Grace had developed a technology platform called Licury Xclusives that she describes as a platform that will unify Africa brands in the niche that she serves. The platform is aimed for Africa High End manufacturers and brands to Market, trade, and promote their products while she helps create international access to the market for brands.  In 2020 the Platform has won two awards as the best Platform Digital online magazine in South Africa as recognised by Business Acquisition International and in 2020 Luxury Xclusives has been awarded the Best Luxury Platform in Africa and the

Middle East.  In her own worfs Grace acknowledges that the journey to enterprenuership is not easy but you have to stay focused and dedicated to your passion. And Yes there is alot of passion to what i do.

In the face of challenges I have learnt to remain focused, steadfast, optimistic and self motivated, challenges have a way of throwing multiple curveballs instantaneously we must create a balance. Some will drop but we must not deop the key proprities, assess what is relevant and inportant and make the decision without compromising on your end goal.  That mental toughness propels me to have the passion towards my long term dreams.  I endeavour to remain calm to achieve resolutions rather than despair. I am reminded of a powerful quote from  Angela Lee Duckwork

"Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day-in, day-out. Not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years. And working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

I have learnt the journey of entrepreneurship requires endurance. Understanding that there are other external factors that may slow your speed, and impact on your overall goals and expectations, and in the process rather throw you off course. Therefore it is important to adapt create a flexible approach around you that sees you seamlessly adjust priorities as required.

Grace is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters ages 14 and 9 who are the reason i am doing what i do and dedicating my passion so they can have a better future. My daughters describe me as a workaholic but i know one day they will look back and appreciate the sacrifices and the hard work.  My advise to my giirls is that they remain encouraged and empowered to understand at a young age that  they have everything within their power to rise above any challenges. They just need to believe in their dreams and explore with determination to succeed because it is possible.

With the love to grow, expand and help connect others. Grace is always seeking to connect with like minded business leaders to draw from their business learnings & experiences, to forge long term alliances and partnerships and collaborations in innovative  technologies and solutions.


Three words that describe me

Grit & Grace



My next 10 years Trajection

To remain digital tech savvy while exploring new horizons.  I am quite intrigued the way new and innovative technologies are evolving and changing the traditional business rules, I will keep an adaptive, open mind and remain agile in my leadership style

Covid-19 Lessons.

Damn do not......believe everything you hear, decide from all the information that works for you. Follow health protocols, keep your safe social distancing, Stay Healthy, and Stay Safe.  For Business advice. Things are tough but let us remain agile and active. This too shall pass.

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