The 31st March saw the last working day of Sasha Muller as PBF Convenor. 

After taking the helm of the PBF, Sasha led and successfully guided the PBF staff through a process of modernizing and updating the way the PBF communicated with its subscribers. Using her skill and knowledge of technology, she was able to out into place a system that is aimed at improving, enhancing and facilitating two-way interaction between subscribers and our ANC leadership that seeks to ensure that the voice of business is heard, understood and appreciated at the highest levels.

In one of the very first projects undertaken, that of updating the PBF brochure, Sasha wrote to subscribers, saying  “The PBF is in process of modernizing, updating and streamlining its work processes to be a center of excellence and to be the reliable and trusted communication hub of business”.

This has been the hallmark of her leadership of the PBF during her term - the striving to be a center of excellence!

Scarcely six months after her leadership of the PBF began; our country faced the devastating effects of the covid pandemic and the necessary measures so important to save lives, affected fundamentally the structure and functioning of PBF events.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, she stood firm guided by the mandate of the PBF, which as a programme of the ANC, under the authority of the ANC Treasurer-General, Paul Mashatile, is to encourage all entrepreneurs, business representatives and people of South Africa to become part of the social compact with business, to resolve the challenges of our country together.


The year 2020 saw the PBF adapt its programme offerings to include many engagements by virtual meeting and webinars, designed to show resolve when confidence was needed most.


The PBF today, is a different body than it was before Sasha became Convenor.  To have achieved such streamlining and refining of the systems, communication and interaction of subscribers and the leadership for the good, has been an extraordinary achievement


As Sasha moves on to other challenges, we are confident that the guidance, leadership and compassion she has shown as the PBF Convenor, will stand her in good stead.


The PBF staff joins me in wishing her every success and to acknowledge with thanks, the contribution she has made to the PBF.


The PBF programmes ahead are exciting and hold significant potential and promise for increased engagement and interaction.


We are grateful to our subscribers, the very heart indeed of the PBF.  We look forward to making this continuing journey together with you and to ensure that we harness our greatest strengths for the future we can achieve.


Sipho Mbele

Interim Convenor



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