The National Executive Committee of the ANC successfully completed its ordinary session, which was held virtually on 13-14 February 2021. The meeting was characterised by robust discussions on critical matters facing the South African people, and the ANC.

The deliberations and decisions of the NEC therefore speaks to the very important four priorities for our people and government this year:

  • Defeating the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Accelerating economic reconstruction and recovery;
  • Improving the capacity of the state;
  • Fighting crime and corruption.

Since this was an ordinary session of the NEC, the meeting dealt with and decided on a range of organizational issues, including the ANC structures and the impact of COVID-19 and our ability to adapt to the new normal; on the rebuilding of the ANC Youth League; the appointment of the ANC Electoral Committee and on international  matters.

The renewal and unity of the ANC remains one of the key mandates of the NEC, and the NEC was once again seized with the issue of the credibility and integrity of the movement, as it considered the report of the Officials on the ANC Step-Aside Procedures and Guidelines.

The decisions of the National Executive Committee reflects a leadership that is keenly aware of its responsibilities towards the nation, as well as towards the ANC members and supporters.

The far-reaching decisions that we present through this statement, reflect the seriousness with which the NEC takes these responsibilities.


 The National Executive Committee met virtually in an ordinary session from 13-14 February 2021. Political Overview of the President, the NWC Report by the Secretary General and a report on State of Organisation during COVID-19, formed the basis of discussions.

The NEC welcomed the visionary State of the Nation Address (SONA) delivered by President Cyril Ramaphosa to Parliament on 11 February 2021, the same day when 31 years ago, President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was released after 27 years of incarceration by the apartheid regime.

The NEC observed a minute of silence for all those who passed on since the NEC Lekgotla held 22-24 January 2021. It paid tribute to the contribution and resilience of Mme Rebecca Kotane, who left us on 31 January 2021. She would have celebrated her 109th birthday on 12 February 202.

The President set out the four priorities of the people’s government for 2021/2022: Firstly, to defeat the coronavirus pandemic; secondly, accelerate economic recovery; thirdly, implement economic reforms to create sustainable jobs and drive inclusive growth; and finally, fight corruption and strengthen the state.

This year’s SONA was delivered as we reached the midterm mark of the 6th democratic administration, led by the ANC. The SONA gave account of progress and challenges during this term, as we continue to implement the  ANC’s popular electoral mandate, based on the ANC 2019 Elections Manifesto.

The NEC welcomed the Political Overview, Reports and Briefings, and over two days of robust discussions, resolved as follows:


  1. The NEC affirmed the President’s analysis of the devastating effects and hardships on families, communities, workers, businesses small and large, on the South African people as a whole. This will require that we unite as a nation, to implement the necessary prevention measures, and rally together to ensure the vaccination of 65% of the population to achieve population immunity. It requires a multi-pronged strategy focusing on public health; investments in science and research; social relief, economic recovery interventions; and effective communication and information, to empower citizens, and help build solidarity and resilience.


  1. The NEC appreciated the briefing from Cde Dr Zweli Mkhize and Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma on the most recent developments with regards to the Covid 19 pandemic.
  2. The NEC noted that the second wave is on the decline, with numbers of infections and deaths going down over the last few weeks, given measures introduced and greater compliance to mask wearing, social distance, hand hygiene and other steps to stop the spread of the virus.
  3. The NEC welcomed the update on the national mass programme to vaccinate 40 million people, to ensure the speedy achievement of population immunity against Covid-19. The NEC appreciated the approach by government to ensure procurement of vaccines through multilateral initiatives such as COVAX and the AU, as well as through bilateral engagements with vaccine manufacturers from all corners of the world.
  4. The NEC noted that, pursuant to the decisions of the NEC Lekgotla, the Alliance is developing a national campaign to promote the mass-vaccination and Covid prevention, the largest public health programme we have seen hitherto.


  1. The NEC noted the following concrete initiatives in progress towards this goal:
  • Placing the creation of sustainable jobs at the centre of economic reconstruction and recovery plans, including through labour intensive infrastructure development; public employment programmes, and other efforts by government to advance job creation.
  • Progress with the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme to create jobs in tourism, the creative industries, global business services, early childhood development, environmental management and small-scale and subsistence farming.
  • The tabling of the Public Procurement Bill in Parliament this year, to provide a legal framework for set asides for small businesses and cooperatives, as well as women and youth-led businesses, in support of localization and broad-based black economic empowerment and transformation.
  • Strengthening localization and implement plans to support local production in sectors such as edible oils, furniture, fruit concentrate, personal protective equipment, and green economy
  • Rejuvenating and growing key industrial sectors, welcoming the social partner master plans already concluded in the poultry, sugar, clothing, textile, footwear and leather, and the auto sector, and urge other sectors to work with haste to conclude and start implementing their sector plans.
  • Measures to aid recovery and growth in the tourism and mining sectors. The NEC welcomed the recently launched Tourism Equity Fund and the Tourism Recovery Plan, to re-establish South Africa as a preferred tourist destination and stimulate local tourism through sector transformation and product diversification. In mining, the NEC appreciated the initiative to draft a country exploration strategy and urge that we must be resolute to make use and beneficiate our nation’s natural endowments in the platinum group of metals, especially in the development of renewable and green energy technologies.
  • The importance of energy security to our economic recovery and reconstruction, and urged government to proceed with the strengthening of Eskom, and the implementation of the Integrated Resource Plan of the country, including advancing renewable and other sources of energy.
  • Investments and support for research, innovation and development across all sectors, with specific emphasis on the development of the domestic pharmaceutical sector including the development of human vaccines, medicines and medical equipment and the creation of the BRICS vaccine institute in South Africa.
  • Supports the progress in Parliament towards concluding the process of amending Section 25 of the Constitution, and the measures already in progress under existing legislation to speed up land redistribution, support to emerging farmers and the agricultural sector.
  • Affirms that the above takes place in the context of the African Continental Free Trade Area that became operational on 1 January 2021; that the recovery and reconstruction of the South African economy must reinforce the economic integration and development of the continent and create opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to cooperate and do business across the continent.


                    1. The NEC affirmed the fight against crime and corruption as the third priority, and reaffirmed its support, as per its Conference and NEC resolutions for the Commission of Enquiry into State capture, chaired by Judge Zondo, again urges all its members and leaders to cooperate with the Commission in the national interest, and to allow the Commission to complete its work fairly and present its findings, without fear or favour.
                    2. The NEC noted that the President will lead the ANC presentation to the Commission, and urge Officials and the NWC to prepare for this, so that the firm position of the ANC against corruption and state capture, and its impact on the people and country, is made unequivocal. The NEC supports the engagement by Officials with former President Jacob Zuma.

                    ON GENDER BASED VIOLENCE (GBV)

                    1. The NEC supports the measures being undertaken towards building a non-sexist society and the empowerment of women, in particular the creation of the GBV Fund to take forward our fight against this second pandemic, and the concrete plans announced by the President as part of the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery plan, including set-asides for women-owned businesses.
                    2. All these measures and initiatives, the NEC believes, give a sense of hope and light at the end of the tunnel, amidst the pandemic that has engulfed our country and the world. We must all work together as a nation, in different sectors, in communities in the spirit of ubuntu and solidarity.

                    ON THE OPENING OF SCHOOLS

                    1. The NEC welcomed the briefing by cde Angie Motshekga on the 2020 academic year, the Matric final exams and the start of the 2021 academic year. The NEC noted the impact of the disruptions by the pandemic on learning and teaching, as well as lessons from last year. The NEC welcomes the fact that despite the obstacles and difficulties the Class or 2020 wrote their matric examinations, and are awaiting with bated breath their results on 22-23 February 2021.
                    2. The NEC appreciated the update on preparations throughout the country for the reopening of schools, and the efforts by the departments of education to sanitise schools, provide the necessary protective equipment and protocols to ensure that our schools can open in the safest possible way. It recognized the difficulties faced by parents with schools fees, and call on schools not to penalized parents who struggle.
                    1. The NEC further noted the work by ANC structures last year, at local levels to assist with cleaning schools, working with School Governing Bodies and parents, to get them ready for opening under Covid 19. As we prepare for schools to open on 15 February 2021, the NEC urges its structures and all community formations to again assist schools to ensure effective learning, and work with communities to protect our schools against vandalism.


                    The National Executive Committee noted that in addition to the above priorities, its 2021 January 9 Statement also set an additional priority, that of internal renewal and unity of the ANC, a strategic task from 54th National Conference, entrusted to this NEC.

                    The NEC recommitted itself to this priority and strategic task, acknowledging that a weak and divided ANC will not be able to execute the above critical tasks in the service of the people and the nation.

                    The NEC therefore had robust and frank discussions on the organizational matters raised in the NWC report, the report by Officials on the draft Step Aside Guidelines, the report of the Integrity Commission and the State of Organisation under Covid 19 report and recommendations.

                    On the Electoral Committee

                    1. The NEC welcomed the recommendation by the NWC on the composition of the ANC Electoral Committee that, according to Conference resolution, must run and oversee internal leadership elections, as well as selection of public representatives.
                    2. The NEC adopted and approve the names proposed and urged Officials to ensure that the principle of gender equity and youth representation be adhered to. The Elections Committee will be chaired by cde Kgalema Motlanthe, and deputized by cde Nkele Ntingane.


                    On Credibility and Integrity of the ANC, and Step-Aside Guidelines and Procedures

                    1. The NEC reaffirmed the Resolutions of the 54th National Conference on ANC Credibility and Integrity: Dealing with Corruption and Fighting Crime and Corruption as well as decisions of NEC meetings on 28 – 30 August and 6 – 9 December 2020 on the implementation of these resolutions. The NEC welcomed the Guidelines and Procedures proposed by the National Officials. The NEC commended the work done by Treasurer General and a task team on behalf of the National Officials.
                    2. The NEC further noted the report by the task team led by the Treasurer General which identified further work that the organization needs to do in separate but related areas, including ensuring the alignment of the ANC Constitution with the Constitution of the Republic.
                    3. The NEC also noted with concern the omission of Rule 25.5(u) dealing with “the giving, collecting or raising of funds for campaigning activities within the ANC aimed at influencing the outcome of a conference or meeting” from the ANC Constitution after the 53rd National Conference and requested the NEC Sub-committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs to investigate the matter and report to the Officials.
                    4. Accordingly, the NEC adopted the Guidelines and Procedures and, furthermore, decided:
                    1. The National Officials must ensure that the necessary technical refinements to the Guidelines and Procedures are effected as a matter of urgency. In doing so inputs from ANC provinces should be considered. The refined Guidelines and Procedures should be presented to the NWC.
                    2. To brief and engage with ANC structures at all levels on the Guidelines and Procedures, to foster understanding and unity on the approach to their implementation;
                    3. A report on these processes, including on an implementation plan, should be presented to the next NEC;
                    4. Call on all affected members, in engaging with the Guidelines and Procedures, and on the Credibility, Integrity and Ethical foundations of the movement, to put the ANC and the people first, and voluntarily act in accordance with their Oath of Membership.

                    On the Report of the Integrity Commission

                    1. The NEC noted with appreciation the Annual Report of the Integrity Commission for January – December 2020, including its reflections on the state of integrity in the ANC, the difficult conditions under which the Commission conducted its work, and the draft ANC Ethical Framework prepared by the Commission.
                    2. The NEC further noted that the Integrity Commission had dealt with, and submitted reports, on a number of matters concerning members and leaders of the organisation. NEC noted, with concern, that not all reports of the Commission have been processed and tabled in the NEC. Consequently, the findings and recommendations of the Commission in these matters have not yet been processed and decided upon by the NEC.
                    3. The NEC appreciated the ongoing engagements between the National Officials and the Integrity Commission. The NEC resolved that the reports of the Integrity Commission must be processed in a principled and consistent manner. The NEC tasked the National Officials and NWC to process all outstanding reports, and for these to be presented to the NEC for decision, preferably in a joint session with the Integrity Commission.

                    On the State of Organisation

                    1. The NEC noted the report on the State of Organisation under Covid 19. It welcomed progress being made with implementing Conference resolution on a modernized ANC Online Membership system, and work done to encourage members to register and to renew their membership. It also welcomed the over 50 000 new members who have joined the ANC, even under the difficult conditions of Covid 19.
                    1. The NEC further appreciated mass work done by ANC branches, regions and provinces, in raising awareness, educating and mobilizing communities in the fight against Covid 19 and in monitoring the opening of schools, compliance with Covid regulations, the presence of security forces, access to health care and social relief, in 2020. The NEC called on ANC branches to continue to report on this work on the ANC Cloud, as they have done during this period.
                    2. The NEC further accepted with concern the warning that, given the Covid pandemic and other external factors, within the next few months over 90% of BECs and RECs, and some provinces, will have their terms of offices as set out by the ANC Constitution expired. The NEC adopted the recommendations by the Organising Committee, that:
                    • We assist branches to hold their BBGMs, in line with the Guidelines adopted by the NEC, including through physical or hybrid forms, given the continued circumstances of the  pandemic regulations.
                    • Adopts the revised cut-off date for BBGMs as 5 March 2021, to allow members to renew up to this point, so as to participate as ANC members in good standing.
                    • Ongoing work with the Leagues to strengthen and incorporate their Membership systems, as autonomous part of the overall Online ANC Membership system.
                    • Reaffirm Conference decision that the new system must prevent member-buying and gatekeeping, and prevent bulk membership buying.

                    On the North West province

                    1. The NEC remains concerned about the deteriorating organizational and governance situation in the North West province, as raised by the IPC and NEC Deployees to the province. Therefore decided:
                    • That Officials as a matter of urgency meet with the North West IPC and NEC Deployees by the end of February 2021, to process their reports, and ensure that the necessary and speedy actions are taken to normalize the situations in local municipalities and in the provincial government.
                    • Takes note of resolutions by the NEC Sub-committee on Legislature and Governance and the recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Task Team on the Section 100 intervention in the North West.
                    • The NWC submit a detailed report to the next NEC on actions taken to support the work of the IPC, and to address the organizational and political challenges facing the province.
                    • The Officials will, when conditions allow, visit the North West to engage with structures.

                        On preparations towards the ANC Youth League Congress

                        1. The NEC noted the work in progress towards the rebuilding of the ANC Youth League, and adopts the recommendation from the NWC that a National Congress Preparatory Committee be established, consisting of members who are not older than 35 years, to ensure that the YL National Congress is convened, building on the roadmap prepared by the NYTT.
                        2. The NEC reiterated its commitment to ensure the building of a radical and militant ANCYL, led by young people, able to advance the twin tasks of the League which is (1) to unite and lead young people in confronting and dealing with problems facing the youth; and (2) to ensure that the youth make a full and rich contribution to the work of the ANC and the life of the nation.
                        3. Mandated the Officials to expeditiously finalise the names, in consultation with provinces.

                        Outstanding TRC matters

                        1. Urge the NWC to remain seized with this matter, including reports of support given to notorious apartheid era perpetrators, and to report to the NEC.

                        On Local Government Elections

                        1. The NEC notes the announcement by the President in SONA that local government elections this year must proceed as planned, as we battle the conditions imposed by the pandemic.
                        2. The NEC notes that the Elections strategy workshop will be held this month, requests the Officials and NWC to be seized with the matter, and to report to the next NEC on the IEC and organizational preparedness for the local government elections later this

                        On the Political Party Funding Act

                        1. The NEC welcomes the announcement that the Political Party Funding Act will be operationalized with effect from 1 April 2021, as an important step towards strengthening transparency, curbing undue influence and capture in our party systems and increasing funding for the democratic processes, including funding of political parties.
                        2. The NEC appreciates measures already taken by the Treasurer General and Finance department to set up systems to ensure ANC compliance with the PPFA, and urge the TG to workshop provinces and regions to ensure that we have common and compliant reporting systems, as a unitary organisation.
                        3. The NEC tasks the Officials and NWC to remain seized with the impact of the PPFA on the ANC, including receiving reports on the ANC organizational organogram and design, to ensure that it is appropriate and affordable.

                        On the National General Council

                        1. The NEC noted that Rule 10.6 of the ANC Constitution provides that: “A National General Council may be convened by the NEC from time to time, provided that the NEC shall convene a National General Council not later than 30 (thirty) months after the National Conference.”
                        2. That the 54th National Conference of the ANC was held on 16 – 20 December 2017, that a National General Council should have been convened not later than 20 June 2020 and that at its meeting on 30 September 2019 the NEC, after consultation with provinces, determined the composition of the NGC in terms of Rule 10.7 of the ANC Constitution.
                        3. The NEC resolved to request the NWC to consider the feasibility of holding the NGC on a hybrid basis in May 2021.
                        4. The NEC took note of work in progress to ensure that all ANC structures discuss the NGC documents, including workshops with branches and regions, as well as Umrabulo sessions to engage the public on the discussion papers.

                        On the African Agenda and a Better World

                        1. The NEC noted that President Ramaphosa on behalf of South Africa successfully completed the Chairship of the African Union at the Summit of Heads of State and Government early February 2021.
                        2. Congratulated President Cyril Ramaphosa as Chair for effectively steering our continental Union during a difficult period of the Covid 19 pandemic, the achievement of the operationalization of the African Continental Free Trade Area, placing  women’s empowerment high on the agenda of the continent, and contributing  towards silencing the guns on the continent.
                        3. The NEC acknowledged the work by the AU Chair to ensure a united response of the African continent to the fight against Covid 19, and as the Chairship came to an end, the appointment of President Ramaphosa as the AU Champion on the Fight against the Covid 19 Pandemic.                           The NEC furthermore
                        1. Resolved that South Africa must continue to support the DRC Chairship of the AU, as we take forward priorities started during our term, of the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area, women’s empowerment and the fight against GBV, the silencing of the guns and the broader African agenda as set out in the AU Agenda 2063.
                        2. Confirms our resolve to continue to advocate and fight for the right of self-determination and independence of the people of Western Sahara.
                        3. Welcomes the decision and nomination of the Cuban Health Brigade for the Nobel Peace Prize by Cabinet, arising from our Lekgotla, continue to pledge solidarity as we reiterate our call for the lifting of the blockade of Cuba; and give more concrete support and strengthen bonds with the Cuban people.
                        4. Appreciates the African Union’s confirmation of its support for the Palestinian struggle, supports the AU efforts towards the establishment of a viable Palestinian state along the 1967 borders and will continue activism in the Alliance in solidarity with the Palestinian people.
                        5. Decided that we need to pay more attention the struggle of the peoples of Venezuela in the lights of the humanitarian crisis caused by attacks and unilateral imposition of sanctions against this country.
                        6. Engagement with BRICS and other progressive forces, as well as other multi-lateral institutions in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic and for equitable and affordable access to Covid 19 vaccines.
                        7. Pursue and advance multilateral cooperation, and cooperation with progressive countries and movements, towards building a strong front for the advancement of developing nations and progressive objectives; and build ANC and government capacity to drive the African agenda, progressive internationalism and building of a better world.
                        8. Congratulates the Chinese people and government on the celebrations of the New Year, and the centenary celebrations of the Chinese Communist Party.

                        On Leaks from the NEC

                        1. The NEC noted with extreme concerns the extreme ill-discipline by some members, leaking information to some in the media. The Officials were tasked to deal with this matter of moles in the NEC, so that we preserve the integrity of the organisation.



                        Issued by the Secretary General of the African National Congress Comrade, ES Magashule on behalf of the NEC

                        Enquiries: Pule Mabe

                        National Spokesperson 071 623 4975

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