The ANC we have chosen a path of unity, hard work, renewal, development, inclusivity and shared prosperity. Our opponents, on the other hand, have chosen a path of division, conflict, destruction, deceit, inequality and exclusion.

This election is a chance to turn around local government so that it can be a more effective instrument in our goal of building a better life for all South Africans and not just a privileged few as is currently the case. This is also an opportunity to rebuild and renew effective local government that puts people first – to build local government that leaves no one behind.


The ANC is the only organization that has subjected its candidates to the most rigorous selection process. The problems that have arisen from this process will be dealt with. However, this we can say without fear of contradiction that: our councillor nomination process was the most democratic and participatory in this country. It is in line with the injunction in the Freedom Charter that; “The People Shall Govern!” It also underscores the fact that as the ANC we are the leader of society – a position we will never take for granted, and will continue to work hard to earn. 

We pride ourselves that those we nominated as ANC councillors enjoy popular support within their communities. They are fit for purpose, they represent the best among us, and they are ready to serve. Although much more work still needs to be done to ensure diversity and equitable representation of our councillor nominees, many of them are young people, many come from the LGBTIQ+ community, many are women, and some are living with disabilities.

We look up to our councillor candidates to ensure that the ANC delivers on its pledge to the people of South Africa.

Our pledge is simple:

  • It is a pledge to do and be better.
  • A Pledge to deploy honest and competent local leaders.
  • A Pledge to deploy action-orientated men and women who are committed to service delivery.
  • A Pledge to deliver services promptly and consistently.
  • A Pledge to rebuild safer and healthier communities.
  • A Pledge to stimulate local economies.
  • A Pledge to be available to our people.
  • A Pledge to listen to and have open channels of communication.
  • A Pledge to remain accountable.
  • A Pledge to form and sustain working partnerships with communities; civic, religious and all community organisations; NGOs, and the private sector to the benefit of local communities.
  • A Pledge to spare no effort in rooting out corruption and all forms of nepotism and malfeasance in our organisation and at all levels of government.

This is our pledge to the people of South Africa.  It is a pledge we will abide by at all times without fail.

As a country, led by the ANC, we have come a long way since the dawn of democracy in 1994. Gradually, step by step, we are making a decisive break with our unhappy past. Working together with the people of South Africa, the ANC has made significant progress in building a better life for all. We need to see this progress even in our country.

The ANC will continue to ensure that the voices of our people are heard in all the municipal councils. We will work in a social compact with NGOs and community based structures to ensure that the agenda for inclusive and people centered development finds expression in local government programmes across the province.

A victory for the ANC is a people’s victory. It is a victory for non-racialism. It is a victory for inclusion. It is a victory in defense of the gains we have made together as a nation since 1994.




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