10 000 Charity Food Donation Handover

At 3 p.m. on May 12, 2020, the 10 000 Charity Food Donation handover jointly organized by the Africa Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce, SA-China Cross-Border E-Commerce Association and The ANC The Progressive Business Forum was held in PBF Head Office, Sandton.

The ANC Progressive Forum is a program of the ANC that manages the dialogue between business and the ANC. Through consultation with Business it was noted that many businesses and organised business wanted to assist areas in need through this difficult time, but found it difficult to know how to physically engage in a way that offered security, transparency and accountability.

Under the leadership of Mr. Paul Mashatile, Treasurer General of the ANC. The Progressive Business Forum put together a joint COVID19 command council working with the ANC branch structures, NGO’s and organisations in communities in order to facilitate and oversee roll out of food parcels.

When the PBF called on its business partners to roll up their sleeves together, the Africa-Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce and SA-China Cross-Border E-Commerce Association quickly mobilised their business community and within 48hrs was able to commit a donation of 10 000 food parcels to the Gauteng COVID19 initiative to make sure we could contribute to making a difference in the heart of the South African economic hub of Gauteng.

Mr. Zhu Shounan, president of the Africa-Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce, said in his speech, "South Africa is where we live. Our families, careers, loved ones, and friends are here. In times of crisis, we are willing to do our part in social responsibility. The poor brothers and sisters lend a helping hand and give a warm and caring. This donation is not only love from us, but also a beautiful testimony of the friendship between China and South Africa. The friendship between China and South Africa will be more consolidated and strengthened while we face to a challenge.

The donation handover strictly abided by the relevant laws and regulations of South Africa's Level 4 lockdown: The number of people participating in the donation ceremony is limited to 50 people. All attendees wear masks, do not shake hands, and keep social distance. The Handover was overseen by Mr. Li Nan, Charge d’ affairs of the Embassy of the People’s republic of China in South Africa and Mr Paul Mashatile: the Treasurer General of the ANC.

The Progressive Business Forum will assist with distribution and ensure accountability and transparency for businesses by providing them with verified signed reports which will ensure that all parcels donated go to those who need it most.

This donation of 10,000 charity food packages has brought an intimate warmth to the impoverished people in the epidemic, which shows that Chinese in South Africa are connected with the local people and help each other. Starting from the actual situation and solving practical problems are the basic directions for the overseas Chinese to provide support and assistance to local people. We only can overcome the epidemic as soon as possible by uniting and cooperating together and supporting each other. Wish we usher in a new era of recovery and economic revitalization in South Africa soon!


Mr. Sipho Mbele on email Sipho@pbf.org.za

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